Mohamed Lamine BELBACHIR

Mohamed Lamine BELBACHIR

CEO - Manager, AYRADE

Hussein Dey, Algérie

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Son parcours

  • Aujourd'hui

    CEO - Manager


    I have spent the last 10 years of my career IT for highly scalable on-line environments. During that 10 years I have successfully built and sold 1 company :

    Now on to the next big thing with AYRADE

    AYRADE started life in the processing website. Over the last several years it has morphed into an application company by building Enterprise B2B applications.

    AYRADE has emerged as a leading consultant company for web and mobile solutions and Apps. AYRADE helps clients achieve greater organizational strength, expertise, and innovation.

    AYRADE offers Services to its clients in Algeria, France, Germany and worldwide.
    We work on fixed time and cost model and if required also provides virtual / remote teams at substantial discounted price for minimum contract duration of 12 months.

    In the last three years we have delivered over 500 hosting accounts, and more then 20 000 e-mails address along with backends, to various companies. We also helped a number of companies deploy social media solutions to engage effectively with their customers. Our customer range from small startups to high value companies.

    AYRADE positions itself with complementing skills in developing web and enterprise applications.

    AYRADE now also providing BPO, Customer Services and Support,Technical Support.

    Follow us

    Please visit us at to know more about us or send us an email at and we will get back in touch.

    Web solutions, hosting, Cloud, VM, dedicate server, product development, enterprise dashboards,Website Development, Graphics Design, Web Programming, Adobe Flex, Product development, Application Interface Design, Customer Services and Support,Technical Support.

    CEO :

    - La veille technologique.
    - Gérer les projets web.
    - Piloter la stratégie de l'entreprise.
    - Veiller a respecter la politique d'organisation, et l'orienter.
  • Aujourd'hui

    Search Engine Optimiser


    - Optimisation du code.
    - Référencement sur les moteurs de recherche et annuaire.
    - Étudier la stratégie de l'entreprise sur le web.
    - Proposer les mots clés selon la concurrence web.
    - Back-link.
    - Suivre l'évolution sur Google Webmaster et les autres outils web.
    - Intégration des modules réseaux sociaux.
    - Intégration des vidéos.
    - Intégration d'un blog et l'enrichir du contenu.
    - L'e-mailing.
    - Intégration d'un Flux RSS.
    - Mettre en place un système d'affiliation.
    - Google Adwords.

  • Aujourd'hui

    Technical Manager chez AYRADE


    - Infogérance des serveurs DNS, APACHE, MySQL.
    - Monitoring des serveurs.
    - Piloter les projets web.
    - Sécurisation de la plate-forme.
    - La veille technologique au niveau de la sécurité web et plate-forme d'hébergement.
    - Étude des nouveaux services ( Cloud, Back SaaS, Certificat SSL).
  • Aujourd'hui

    Administrateur des systèmes


    - Administration des services.
    - Infogérances des services.
    - Sécurisation des services.
    - Taches quotidiennes d'administration.
    - Prendre le ticket d'incident et le corriger.
    - Mise a jour du kernel ( noyau ).
    - Veille de sécurité sous Linux.
    - Migration des comptes.
    - Gestion des serveurs DNS.

    • Administration of multiple operating systems & networking equipment: Microsoft Windows, Linux, Cisco routers & switches, VMware.

    • Evaluating and implementing multiple security related solutions and products: SMTP Relays using Linux, Active Directory Certificate Services, Active Directory Rights Management Services, Data Leak Prevention, Netfilter/IPTables, 802.1x, RADIUS, Host based IDS/IPS solutions, Operating systems hardening.

    • Monitoring systems, networks and services using : Nagios, Munin.

    • Troubleshooting systems, network & security related issues.
    • Research and implement new technologies and solutions as needed.
  • Formation LPI 101 102 administration système et sécurité, IT
    Administration réseau et sécurité sous plate forme linux, Linux
  • Marketing

    Marketing - E-Marketing
  • Programmation, Programmation avancée en PHP
    Administration réseau et sécurité sous plate forme linux, Linux
  • , Alger


    Administration réseau et sécurité sous plate forme linux, Linux
    Administration réseau et sécurité sous plate forme linux, Linux
  • Fond des Nations Unies de la Population


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Ses compétences

  • Basketball
  • Gestion de projet
  • Musique
  • Natation
  • Sport
  • Volley ball
  • Voyage
  • WEB

Ses langues parlées

  • Arabe
    ****Langue maternelle
  • Français
  • Anglais

    Ses centres d'intérêt

    WEB Sport Voyage Musique

    Sa présentation

    Vision :

    - Intégration des nouvelles technologies aux seins des sociétés.
    - Conseil IT en développement web et hébergement notamment le Cloud.
    - Intégration des nouveaux outils de travail plus écologiques et économiques.


    - Integration of new technologies breasts companies.
    - IT Consulting Web development and hosting including Cloud.
    - Integration of new tools to work more ecological and economical.

    Technical skills:

    Unix/BSD/Linux services: Apache, nginx, HTTPd, FTP (ProFTPd, vsFTPd, PureFTPd), OpenSSH, MySQL, Samba, NFS, Bind/Named, Postfix, MailScanner, SpamAssassin, Syslog, Netfilter/IPTables, SELinux, DHCP, VNC, NTP, SNMPd, tftpd, Squid, SquidGuard, logrotate, debmirror, ClamAV, TCP Wrappers, telnetd, softflowd, WebIssues, LVM (Logical Volume Manager), mdadm (Software RAID), Fail2ban, Portsentry.

    Interface management ( Integration ) and management : cPanel, Confluence, Virtualizor, OpenERP, WHMCS, WHM, Wordpress.

    Monitoring: Nagios, Munin, MRTG, ntop, BandwidthD, WebAlizer, SoftFlowD, nprobe, logwatch.

    Virtualization: VBox, Microsoft Virtual PC / Virtual Server 2005, VMware Workstation / Server / ThinApp, Linux OpenVZ, KVM.

    Cloud : OpenStack ( Redhat ).

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