Algeria South Account Manager, Schlumberger Information Solution

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Précédents : Schlumberger Information Solution, SIS, CNEP BANQUE Algérie, TREFAL


Précédents : Abingdon Technology Center Schlumberger, Schlumberger Tour Le Palatin (MCE Training), Schlumberger Middle East Training Center MLC, Schlumberger Middle-East Learning Center, Schlumberger Algeria Training Center, Schlumberger Europe Learning Center ELC, SCHLUMBERGER) HASSI MESSAOUED, OUARGLA, Université Des Sciences Et De La Technologie Houari Boumediène


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    Initial background is applied mathematics engineer (Help in decision making Engineer), trained and formed to act on different aspect of different project; using mathematical tools; I can solve financial economics, statistics or scheduling problematic, or either optimizing processes in order to maximize benefits or minimizing coast. During my career; I have been in touch with different domain, banking sector as computer developer and oil and gas industry as Information management engineer and then logistic and planning engineer, these two domains gave me the opportunity to understand and face the real problematic that face the decision makers during a project, also I developed my mathematical modeling skills to be more realistic to solve the root causes of the problematic. Specialties:Project planning; job shop scheduling ; logistics; combinatory optimization ; mathematical modeling



Algeria South Account Manager

Chez Schlumberger Information Solution

De décembre 2014 à aujourd'hui
Responsible for building and executing the sales strategy required to maximize revenue growth across the entire breadth of my accounts - In charge of legal and financial negotiation of all RFP’s, tenders, and contracts in coordination with GeoMarket Legal and tax specialists. Final approval of ...
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Information Management Engineer

Chez Schlumberger Information Solution, SIS

De 2010 à décembre 2014
Mission: Information Management and consulting, Software and data bases Support. Trained and study information management and computer skills in order to deliver support and services to Schlumberger clients in the oilfield sector. Conclusion: Two profiles; RIG ...
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RTDS Technical Team Leader (Real Time Data Services)

Chez Schlumberger Information Solution, SIS

De 2011 à février 2014
Mission: Logistic management and Technical Instructor Leading a team of 6 persons, coaching and training them in their activities and managing the logistic in term of planning the trips to the RIG site by respecting the different resources constraints Client: SONATRACH Drilling Division

Abingdon Technology Center Schlumberger, Oxford - Abingdon

BUILD IT 3, Abingdon Technology Center Schlumberger

De janvier 2013 à mars 2013
Computer Science Sales and Project Managment - Project Management Level 2, Sales Level 2, Computer Skills

Schlumberger Middle East Training Center MLC, Abu Dhabi

BUILD IT 2, Schlumberger Middle East Training Center MLC

De juin 2012 à juillet 2012
Computer Science Applied to Oil and gas industry - Oracle DBA, Linux, Sale Level 1, Project Management PDMP level 1, Production, Geophysic

Schlumberger Middle-East Learning Center, Abu Dhabi

BUILD IT1, Schlumberger Middle-east Learning Center

De avril 2011 à juin 2011
Computer Science applied to Oil and gas industry - Computer skills (oracle , Linux) , Production, Geology



décembre 2010
Drilling Data Real Time Transmission - Real Time Data Aggregation, Real Time Data Standards Wits , WitsML ...

RTDS Field Engineer (Real Time Data Services)

Chez Schlumberger Information Solution, SIS

De 2010 à 2011
Mission: Networking support and Data Management Within the biggest worldwide project of Remote drilling activities monitoring (in terms of rig connected - 41 rigs-), I was responsible of deploying the data transmission equipment and insuring the data quality, the data streaming and the data ...
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Data Management Engineer

Chez CNEP BANQUE Algérie

De 2009 à 2010
Mission: Leading the saving money team Managing the saving money information system and insuring the yearly interest calculation allover Algeria CNEP bank agencies. Conclusion: data management engineering within the banking sector.

Operational Research Engineer Trainee


De 2008 à 2009
Mission: Final year project Optimizes the production process of TREFAL Company based on a mathematical analysis and developed a software that generate the optimized plan automatically. Conclusion: Graduated as an Operational Research Engineer.


  • Développement
  • Informatique
  • Lean Sigma
  • Lean Six Sigma
  • Management
  • Mathématiques
  • Optimisation des process
  • Sales

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