Habib Hamenni

Habib Hamenni

Commissioning Alstom Power

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    2011 to 2014 (2.5 years), ALSTOM, Combined Cycle Power Plant of Terga / Ain Temouchent ; Chemical Commissioning Engineer : Main stations and apparatus of commissioning for the three phases (3x400 MW) ; Processing station and sea water pumping (screen) ; Electro Chloride post (electrolysis of sea water) and injection of biocide (NaOCI) ; Desalination station (distillation M.S.F. : 2x40 t/h through reheater of brine, chemistry packaging, acid wash and vacuum) ; Demineralization station (0.2 S/cm through combined bed) and neutralizing hole of effluent (decrease pH to a fix value by acidification or alkalinization) ; Potable water station (boron elimination, CO2 injection, remineralization per calcite, …) ; Doer system of chemistry addition (Ammonia, Carbohydrazide and Phosphates) ; Sampling system of water thermodynamic / stream (overheating and saturated BP/MP/HP pH measure of water ultra-pure cationic connectivity and oxygen dissolved in ppb); Automatic analyzer on line (Silica, Sodium in ppb and free residual Chlorine in ppm) ; Separation system of oil / water (oiling) ; Laboratory of oil and water analysis (commissioning and tools calibration) ; Boiler preservation H.R.S.G. (Heat Recovery Steam Generator); Air Separation Units (A.S.U. : Nitrogen used in inerting gas regulation) ; Hydrogen station (Modules : electrolyser H2 and O2, feedwater tank, KOH tank, scrubber, gas holder, compressors, deoxidizers, dryers, chiller, gas analysers). Biologic purification station activated sludge (40 and 120 P.E. : Population Equivalent) - Successful experience in multinational context.