Samir Bellik

Samir Bellik

Consultant, Web Marketiing

Algiers, Algeria

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His background

  • Today
    April 2012

    Operator Business & Product Manager

    +5000 employees

    Managing distributor in Sales & Marketing
    Forecast & shipment follow up
    Developing business with telecom operators
    Account manager for telecommunication Operator
    On-line communication Manager
    Merchandising feald force Manager
    Developing B2B direct business
    Supervising the on line social communication
    Managing projects (Sponsorship, Communication/Marketing campaigns)
    Marketing surveys
    Field training
  • Today
    November 2012
    November 2011


    Thala Films Production

    Making a Web marketing strategy for “Thala Films Production”
    Web site design, and deployment
    SEO & SEM strategy implementation
    Community management training for the communication team
    Agency Pitches for communication agencies to get sponsors
  • Today
    April 2012
    February 2012

    In charge of marketing Information systems

    TONIC Industrie

    In the marketing department, I am responsible for the implementation of information systems in the marketing department in collaboration with the IT department :
    - Establish processes
    - Map the interactions
    - Pass the information system by defining the different databases and development tools that will support the strategy deployed for commercial services, supplies and logistics.
  • Toulouse Business School

    management, marketing and communication
  • Today
    November 2011

    iSource Functional Deployment Support

    +5000 employees

    Creating internal communication strategy
    Creating a leaflet and a logo for the General procurement Process department
    Participating in the elaboration of reverse auctions strategies
    Implementing a communication strategy and a business plan for the reverse auction program in the EADS General procurement "EGP"
    to better guide the EGP internal users creating a search engine concept for EGP customer use : 15.000 users
  • Today

    Community manager

    RING Commerce

    Overall management of web projects:
    Main duties: Supporting the development agency, recommending actions, production operations.

    Management and production operations:
    o Getting started with a project to build sites and displays a site of e-commerce.

    o Monitoring of field operations.

    Business Development:
    o Monitoring, research providers, responding to tenders, specifications

    o Recommendation Action Target VS. Relationship Advertisers, service providers. Quantitative and qualitative analysis.
  • Houari Boumedien'S University of Science And Technology

    mechanical engeneering option materials sience
    Génie Mécanique
  • Today
    December 2008
    October 2005

    Business Engineer

    ADS (Assistance Développement Sérvices)

    Project manager
    Consulting on the technical aspects of the projects
    Field training
    Support teams on the field
    Creating and launching an ADSL assisted CCTV product
    Multiple presentations (keynotes) for our customers (Oil companies)
    training our companies employees to use our surveillance technologies
    Coaching he VIP's to ensure the good use of the personal surveillance devices
  • Today

    Community manager

    Land of forum Zen

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His skills

  • Business Development
  • E-reputation
  • Production management
  • Telecom Operators
  • Web Marketing
  • Business Intelligence
  • Distribution Management
  • Information systems
  • Consulting

His languages

  • Arabic
  • French
  • English

    His hobbies

    High technologies Music (playing) sport Science fiction mangas.

    About him

    Rich of diversified experiences and complementary graduations (Engineering, Management, Marketing & Communication) I'm always in research of new challenges and perpetual evolution.

    His activity on Viadeo